Council Meetings

Council meetings are usually held monthly and unless otherwise stated, take place in the Mission Room, Vicarage Causeway, starting at 7.30pm.

Members of the public are always welcome at Parish Council meetings but are reminded that after the public question time at the beginning of the meeting, there follows a formal meeting of the Council when members of the public can only speak at the invitation of the Chairman.

  • All meeting agendas, minutes and accounts can be viewed or downloaded from the DOWNLOADS LIBRARY.

  • Dates and details of each meeting can be found in the DIARY.

Your Councillors


  Nigel Lomas


  Sue Felgate | 07756 984369

Nigel Lomas
Nigel LomasChairman
Lynn Bonner
Lynn BonnerCouncillor
Teresa Walker
Teresa WalkerCouncillor
Suzanne Fogden
Suzanne FogdenVice Chair
Keith Helyer
Keith HelyerCouncillor
Dawn Sleet
Dawn SleetCouncillor
Jim Thornton
Jim ThorntonCouncillor
Alan Wilkins
Alan WilkinsCouncillor
Sue Felgate
Sue FelgateParish
Sue Felgate

If you would be interested in becoming a parish councillor you need to be 18 years or over, registered as an elector and either live or work in the village.

For more information please contact the clerk -

Finance & Administration

Suzanne Fogden (Chair)
Lynn Bonner
Dawn Sleet
Keith Helyer
Teresa Walker

Staffing Committee
Planning Committee

The Council produces a monthly newsletter which is distributed to virtually all homes in the Village.

Past copies of the newsletter can be viewed or downloaded from the DOWNLOADS LIBRARY.

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