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The Neighbourhood Plan

By gathering opinions about planning and development, the plan identifies areas appropriate for development and what should be protected.

The plan identifies business, social or leisure needs and opportunities. It ensures that any development restrictions are adhered to by informing developers in advance of the expectations of the village and encourages them to engage with the local community.

By working with volunteers from the community, ideally representing the interested parties, the plan will cover all aspects of local life and a specialist consultant is on hand to ensure that we comply with the legislation.

If you live in the village, you will know that a major survey was conducted in November 2017.  Views from residents, businesses, community groups, schools, land owners and developers were collected to enable the writers of  the plan to classify the issues and ensure concerns and desires are addressed.

A draft plan will be produced for consultation.  Once finished the plan will be submitted to East Herts District Council and will be examined by an independent examiner.

For the plan to be adopted, a referendum will be held.  If you are registered to vote in the area then you’ll have the opportunity to vote in the referendum.  More than 50% of those voting must agree to the plan for it to be adopted.  Those working on the plan are hoping to acheive its adoption by Autumn 2019.

To find out more about the Neighbourhood Plan, please visit the DEDICATED WEBSITE

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